Using Office Design to Promote Recruiting and Retention

If your organization is looking for ways to attract and retain the top talent in your field, you may want to take a closer look at the office around you. Thoughtful office design not only reflects your organization’s priorities, but it also reflects your vision for the future. That’s why today’s workers take into account the office environment of prospective employers to decide where they have the best opportunities for success. In fact, many of today’s younger workers list environment as one of the top factors they consider when deciding to join a specific company.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the office design strategies your organization can use to invite new employees to join your team while retaining the ones you already have.

Attracting New Employees

Employees frequently spend as much time at the office as they do at their own homes. As a result, workers are looking to work in offices where they feel at home. From populating open areas with comfortable furniture to incorporating plants into office design, it’s essential to cultivate an environment that potential employees can imagine themselves inhabiting day in and day out.

At the same time, today’s workforce prioritizes flexibility as work schedules become less rigid and working from home becomes more prevalent. In response to these changes, creating a flexible work environment that adapts to changing workflows and evolving projects can show prospects that your organization is moving forward.

Retaining Existing Employees

In a recent post, we cover some fundamental [guidelines for creating quiet areas at your office]. One of our suggestions included polling employees to discover what they would want in a quiet area and what they’d use it for. This strategy can work for any aspect of your office design decision making. The more insight you have into your employees’ preferences and expectations, the better you’ll be able to align your office’s design with their needs. As a result, data-driven office design has become more critical to retaining employees than ever before.

By using employee suggestions to inform the decision-making process, you can send a message that you care about their perspectives and you’re willing to respond to their unique challenges. After all, if you can’t or won’t deliver what they’re looking for in an employer, they’ll eventually start looking for an employer that matches their expectations. Thoughtful office design is a key factor in showing your team that your organization cares about their success, not just your bottom line.

Portland’s Office Design Experts

If you’re ready to start exploring the possibilities for an office space that invites new employees to join your team while keeping the ones you already have, contact DESIGN+BUILD today. Our experts are here to help you take advantage of the latest office design strategies so you can respond to the ever-changing preferences of today’s workforce.