A Guide to Data-Driven Office Design

Data is driving decision-making at every level of business like never before, and thoughtful office design is no exception.

Office Design Principles to Promote Engagement

Your organization most likely has strategies in place to encourage employee engagement, but have you considered how office design can also facilitate engagement?

The Benefits of LED Lighting

If your organization hasn’t transitioned to LED lighting yet, it’s time to reconsider your reservations.

Tech Workspace Trends Worth Stealing

The tech industry has revolutionized the ways people interact, businesses operate, and, believe it or not, how teams use office spaces.

Office Relocation Design Best Practices

Whether your organization is looking to move a team in your existing building, or you’re moving your headquarters to the other side of town, an office relocation offers the ideal time to refine your workspace strategies.

Cultivating a Collaborative Office Environment

If your organization is looking for ways to boost productivity and encourage collaboration, begin by taking a closer look at the work environment you’re promoting.

The Guide to the Future of Open Office Spaces

If you Google the phrase open office spaces at this moment in time, you may be disappointed by the results. Three of the top four results read: Why It’s Time to Ditch Open Office Plans The Open Office Concept Failed. So, What Now? Open office plans are as bad as you thought At DESIGN+BUILD, we […]

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