Biophilia is a word used to describe the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature. Biophilic office design, then, is about bridging the gap between the modern office and our human desire for connectedness with nature. In today’s office, biophilic design most frequently manifests as incorporating plants and shrubs into work areas. In this post, we’ll explore the why and how underlying biophilic office design.

Biophilic Design Principles

The Importance of Natural Light

Since biophilic office design prioritizes employee connectedness with the natural environment, you can implement a variety of innovative strategies to achieve this goal. Simply ensuring your team has access to natural light throughout the day is a fundamental first step. When employees have a view of the outdoors, they tend to feel more content, work more productively, and experience higher levels of energy and focus. If walls are limiting the amount of natural light flow throughout your office, consider installing modular wall systems or glass walls to maximize the amount of sunlight in the space.

Make Outdoor Areas Accessible

Breakout spaces are a great way to give your team a break throughout the workday, but those spaces don’t have to be limited to the indoors. If your building has outdoor areas that aren’t currently being used (think roofs, gardens, and balconies), you can easily transform those spaces into outdoor breakout areas that encourage your team to connect with nature and each other.

Incorporate Unique Natural Elements

On top of adding potted plants to your workspace to bring nature indoors, you can also spruce up your space with other natural features such as wood and stone. One biophilic design trend that can help brand your business while improving indoor air quality is the moss wall. Because they don’t require sunlight, watering, or pruning, moss walls are virtually maintenance-free, while adding a distinguished natural touch to your office atmosphere.

Improving Productivity

Studies have found that employees exposed to nature are up to 15% more productive than employees with minimal natural contact.

Increasing Focus

Because indoor plants in the office improve air quality and oxygen levels, your team can benefit from reduced mental fatigue and higher concentration levels.

Encouraging Creativity

By adding natural elements to your office space, employees have another source of inspiration and innovation when they’re working through project challenges.

Maximizing Employee Satisfaction

When you have a comfortable office your team enjoys spending time in, you can expect higher employee retention rates.

The Positive Impacts of Biophilic Office Design

Biophilic design ideas not only create a more comfortable work environment for employees, clients, and visitors, they can measurably benefit your business by:

If you’re interested in incorporating biophilic design principles into your workspace, contact the experts at DESIGN+BUILD today. We’ll assess your unique work environment and pinpoint optimal office design strategies for your team’s workflows and broader business goals.