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How Office Design Promotes Culture

At DESIGN+BUILD, we spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how we can promote a client’s organizational culture with thoughtful office design. Elements like interior design, architecture, furniture, and color palettes can directly affect productivity and how your team works. That’s because your office layout and choices are a reflection of your organizational […]

Tech Workspace Trends Worth Stealing

The tech industry has revolutionized the ways people interact, businesses operate, and, believe it or not, how teams use office spaces. From challenging the ideas that every worker needs an assigned desk and that all directors need private offices, tech companies are known for transforming the way we think about how office design drives productivity […]

Office Relocation Design Best Practices

Whether your organization is looking to move a team in your existing building, or you’re moving your headquarters to the other side of town, an office relocation offers the ideal time to refine your workspace strategies. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the factors you need to consider as you begin […]

How to Develop an Agile Office Space

Developing an agile office space is ultimately about improving how your team uses your workspace. Agile office spaces were initially designed to streamline IT projects that require forward thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration for success. With traditional office design, employees are assigned a specific space where they are expected to work. In an agile office space, […]

Tips for Improving Office Design

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, thoughtful office design is critical to maximizing your team’s productivity. Whether you’re in the process of redesigning your company’s office space, or you’re looking for some simple steps to create a more comfortable office environment, here are some quick tips and design ideas that can transform the way your […]

How Noise Reduction Improves Productivity

At DESIGN+BUILD, we spend a lot of time thinking about how office design elements can facilitate and encourage collaboration. At the same time, we understand the importance of developing a workspace strategy that gives your team quiet areas to focus on individualized tasks. While open office plans are great for encouraging collaboration, they also frequently […]

Office Designs That Meet Millennial Expectations

Millennials—individuals born between 1980 and 1996—now make up the largest generation in the United States labor force at 35 percent. If your organization is looking to attract top Millennial talent, you’ll need to create a workspace where Millennials want to work. While that may mean overhauling your existing design strategies and layout, you can expect […]

Cultivating a Collaborative Office Environment

If your organization is looking for ways to boost productivity and encourage collaboration, begin by taking a closer look at the work environment you’re promoting. Physical workspace design is a tool that can encourage positive behaviors in employees. For example, if you’re trying to increase communication across different departments, the DESIGN+BUILD team would take that […]


Using Office Design to Promote Productivity

The members of today’s workforce care about where they work. In this job market, you have to actively espouse a forward-thinking environment if you want to attract top talent. Grids of cubicles and overhead fluorescent ceiling panels won’t do it anymore if you’re looking to drive growth and attract new clientele. Offices are no longer […]


What Is Activity-Based Work?

Activity-based working (ABW) is a productivity model whereby office space is designed to focus on accommodating particular tasks rather than specific members of your team. In the activity-based workplace, you have individual areas that facilitate activities like: Learning Focusing Collaborating Socializing When you provide building spaces that prioritize critical activities, your team has the freedom […]