Who We Are

DESIGN+BUILD is a local team of individuals brought together by an intrinsic desire to buck the status quo. We believe design influences human behavior, and workspace design is an imperative tool to engage, empower and inspire people to do their best work.

Jeffrey Snair

Managing Director
Challenging the status quo is where Jeffrey excells. He see's his job is to ensure the team can do thier jobs without disruption and ensure there is a smooth operation within our company and with all of our clients.

Daniel Snair

Technical Director
A key player in maintaining alignment between the internal design, estimating and build resources. He works diligently to ensure design is staying within budget as it progresses and keeps the client's priorities in front of the team. Daniel is entrepreneurial minded and has a successful track record of ensuring internal and external goals are met for a win-win conclusion for every project. Professional interests: design-build project delivery methodology, architectural design, the future of work.

Maddy Mackin Freeman

Senior Workspace Designer
With over 10 years’ experience focused in art & design, Maddy’s broad expertise within the physical workspace is a key tool in communicating a company’s values and encouraging employee behaviors. Professional interests: intersection of art & design, wellness & accessibility, sustainable design, and honesty of materials.

Lauren Beale

Marketing and Business Development Manager
Developing key relationships with industry leaders and clients alike, you may see Lauren out and about meeting with people in the community.

Glenna Pelham

Office Manager / Finance
As the self described "The office mom" Glenna oversees the day to day running of the office, making sure things are running smoothing and keeping communication lines clear.

Don Snair

Construction Director
With over 40 years’ of experience in commercial construction project management in the Portland area Don is a wealth of knowledge for commercial construction principles and execution. Don is a key player in ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget for the DESIGN+BUILD team. He enjoys finding new approaches to traditional delivery methods

Andrew Snair

Client Advocate
With a background in construction and customer service Andrew works tirelessly to ensure the clients needs and goals are staying front and center from project initiation through to completion. Andrew is passionate about keeping focus on the clients priorities and needs.

Our Story

What’s the story behind Design + Build Group?

Jeffrey: It was eight years ago when Daniel and I formed Design + Build Group. Although we might not have realized it at the time, we shared a vision for our company. You see, we are both somewhat idealistic people who had worked for our father’s construction company growing up. The construction business is based-on a status quo mindset and we constantly heard people say, “We’ve always done it that way.” We thought it was inflexible and the customer’s voice wasn’t really heard. We talked about starting a company for years and promised ourselves we’d do things differently if we ever did.

Daniel: First, Jeffrey isn’t only my brother, he’s also my best friend. I had an eye-opening experience before we decided to start Design + Build Group. I went to Sydney, Australia to work as an apprentice for a design build construction company. What made this experience unique, was this company was a sole source provider of all the aspects of completing a office T.I project. I saw how this reduces risk, helps keep project costs down, and the end result for the client is much improved. Jeffrey and I had many late night conversations about this new methodology of design, most of them at the Muddy Rudder Bar and Grill, where we decided to start or own company. It was probably the scariest decision we ever made, but we knew we were right.

What is the philosophy behind DESIGN+BUILD?

Jeffrey: We believe it simplifies the process for all parties involved and consolidates communication and accountability. We focus out expertise in the very specific market of commercial workspace, applying multiple discipline's to the singele area of workspace remodel and tenant improvements rather than working a single discipline across multiple markets, such as healthcare, residential, and multi0residential.

Daniel: We believe in being the experts and doing one thing really well from start to finish on a specific type of projects and not going outside that, rather than being the experts on a specific section of multiple types of projects and then passing off responsibility, typically resulting in communication breakdown.

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