Tips for Improving Office Design

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, thoughtful office design is critical to maximizing your team’s productivity. Whether you’re in the process of redesigning your company’s office space, or you’re looking for some simple steps to create a more comfortable office environment, here are some quick tips and design ideas that can transform the way your team uses your building.

Let in the Light

People enjoy walking into warm, light-filled spaces. Instead of shuttering your blinds, let natural light flow through your space. Incorporating design elements such as glass walls and skylights is an excellent way of drawing light into your office space while creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

Plus, natural light has been shown to encourage more productive, happier employees. In fact, one study showed employees ranked natural light and views of the outdoors are the number one attribute of the workplace environment. Just be careful natural light doesn’t cause glare on computer screens. Positioning desks and tables so sunlight streaming in through windows doesn’t fall on screens is often enough to accomplish this.

Balance Quiet and Collaboration Areas

While open office spaces excel at encouraging collaboration, don’t forget about the importance of incorporating quiet, focus-oriented spaces as well. While open spaces welcome employees and clients, some tasks require quiet and solitude to achieve the best results. If you want to maximize productivity, make sure you’re giving your team more secluded spaces, so they have a balance of areas to accomplish the task at hand.

Add a Splash of Color

Recognizable company branding has become essential if you want to appeal to top industry talent while attracting new clientele. Incorporating your company’s colors into your office design is an excellent way to create a recognizable brand while creating a more comfortable office environment. Gone are the days of the all-white office. Simply painting a wall with your organization’s color is enough to re-energize your space. Plus, a colorful office space makes for a more photogenic office that looks great on your company website.

Make Space for More Than Work

While creating spaces that promote productivity is fundamental to successful office design, your team also needs space to relax. Creating areas where employees can go to eat, socialize, and take a break from work for a moment can actually increase productivity. Make sure the area is well-lit, comfortable, and inviting so employees can take a break and feel refreshed when they get back to work.

Your Office Design Experts

In today’s world, your office space has become much more than just the place where your team works. Your office represents your brand, your organization’s priorities, and your vision for the future. As such, your organization needs an office design partner with the expertise to turn your ideas for your office into a reality. Contact the experts at DESIGN+BUILD today, and we’ll work with you to create an office space that’s optimized for your organization.

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